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Fall Flurry

Posted on: January 6th, 2018 by Carolyn Huizinga Mills

Brooke and Jacob designing a boat together at the Bloomingdale Library.

This past fall was a whirlwind of signings and events, but one of the biggest highlights was meeting Brooke Kerrigan, the illustrator of The Little Boy Who Lived Down the Drain. Brooke happened to be visiting from France and was able to join me at the Waterloo Chapters signing and also the reading and craft event at the Bloomingdale Library. We were so busy at Chapters that we hardly had a chance to talk, but while making boats at the library event, we did get to learn a little more about each other. Perhaps there will be more collaborations in our future!


Reading to a particularly captive audience at the Bookshelf.

I also did two other signings, one at Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge, and one at the Bookshelf in Guelph. Both are incredible independent book stores that do so much to promote a community around reading. I enjoyed some browsing myself while exploring each of the unique stores and even found the game Dutch Blitz from my childhood at the Bookshelf! I was also fortunate to meet author Vicki Grant there, as she happened to be in town for a signing, too.


I am looking forward to visiting several more libraries in the spring and setting up more signings as well. At the same time, I will continue plugging away at my novel manuscripts; I hope to have a fully revised version of my first novel ready by the time next fall rolls around!

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